What is Foundation for Economic Development?

 Foundation for Economic Development (FED) is a Delhi-based non-profit organization that aims to bring about a sustained and broad-based economic growth of over 10% in India. We believe the evidence clearly shows that economic growth is the best tool to lift people out of poverty and improve the quality of life for everyone.

This is because growth increases opportunities and incomes for everyone, including the poor, and does so in ways that are sustainable. Hence, it is critical for India to maintain a growth rate of 10%+ for long periods of time in order to quickly bring the living standards of the average Indian at par with the world’s best. 


What is FED working on?

FED identifies economic opportunities with the potential for high-impact on growth, like labour-intensive exports, housing, etc. and works with governments across the ‘value chain’ of reform – from ideas to implementation. 

Our three-fold approach includes:

  • Communications & Outreach to build salience for growth and reforms among key stakeholders 
  • Research & Strategy to deep-dive into opportunities of high growth
  • Implementation Support to help facilitate change
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Who are the people at FED?

FED’s advisory board comprises eminent thought leaders. We have on-board Economist
and former Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog, Dr. Arvind Panagariya; Philanthropist and
Chairman of The Convergence Foundation, Ashish Dhawan; author and former Managing
Director, Procter & Gamble Worldwide, Gurcharan Das; author and former CEO of MphasiS,
Jaithirth “Jerry” Rao and author and Co-Chairman of Forbes Marshall, Naushad Forbes.

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What are issues of interest to FED?

FED’s scope of interest covers:

  • Economic policy
  • India’s current & potential economic growth
  • Manufacturing
  • Export competitiveness, world markets
  • Employment, labour issues, & job creation


How may I speak with the FED team?

You can email us requests for interviews, quotes and comments at info@fedev.org

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