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The prices of edible oils in the international market are again on the rise as key producing countries grapple with climate events that are depleting their production. On how India, the world's largest importer of edible oils, must tackle this situation, Pallavi Agrawal, Team Lead at FED says, "We must continue to reduce artificial restrictions that prevent us from trading competitively. Addressing infrastructure challenges is another priority. High electricity tariffs for oil refining, limitations on land leasing, and high import duties on processing equipment hinder industry growth." Story in Economic Times.
On the government's policies regarding agricultural exports, Pallavi Agrawal, Team Lead at Foundation for Economic Development says, "It's not that we're not producing enough, but that government warehouses aren't being filled. If farmers are willing to sell it to others and not the government, assuming they have the option to sell it to the government, then they must be receiving better offers from private players," suggesting that government procurement policies may need a review. Story in Economic Times.
"We think a target on economic growth is exactly the right challenge for a state like UP to take on, since sustainable improvements in living standards will come only from economic growth. Given the legacy of low growth, UP also needs a sense of urgency, and this bold commitment provides that," FED Founder-Director Rahul Ahluwalia told Indivjal Dhasmana of Business Standard.

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