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Accelerating India’s Growth to Improve Lives

FED aims to facilitate sustained & broad-based economic growth of over 10%, to improve the lives of all Indians.

We identify high-impact growth opportunities in areas like labor-intensive exports, housing, etc., and work with the government on creating a value chain of reform

Our Focus Areas

Opportunities for Fast & Sustained Growth


India should capitalise on Its low-skilled labour pool to drive export-led growth


Construction in India has the potential to create 1.5 crore productive jobs


Tourism employs 3.2 crore people & has the potential to absorb more workers

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Export Hurdles: Assessing the Limitations of Duty Drawbacks

Export-led economic growth has a proven track record of success. From the Asian Tigers in the 1960s to China more…

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India’s Dilemma – Building Up Manufacturing or Soaring with Services?

Paving pathways for India’s labour force According to the PLFS report for 2021-22, the Indian worker population ratio for ages…

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What the PLI scheme needs to succeed

The Indian government launched the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) in 2020, starting with the Large-Scale Electronics Manufacturing Sector. When launched,…

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In the first episode of FED Dialogues, our podcast where we'll feature conversations on economic growth, FED Director Rahul Ahluwalia speaks with one of India’s most-renowned economists, first Vice-Chair of the NITI Aayog and Chair of the 16th Finance Commission, Dr. Arvind Panagariya. They discuss Dr. Panagariya's personal journey and perspectives on growth that still shape India’s intellectual discourse and policymaking.