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India Needs to Do Much More if it Wants to Become An Electronics Manufacturing Hub

India’s growth in Electronic Manufacturing over the last few years has been remarkable. Since 2015, we have had a 15% annual growth in the Total Electronics and Electricals exports, with growth in Final Goods exports being a whopping 26%. However, in the global scenario, India is still behind by a huge margin. While China’s export […]

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The $100 Billion Opportunity in Textile & Apparel

The right reforms across a few clusters can help India capture $100 billion of incremental exports trade in textile and apparel over the next 5 years, creating more than 10 million jobs When India gained independence in 1947, the country had a flourishing textile industry. Over 400 textile mills employed more than 5 lakh workers. […]

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Construction in India

Construction in India has the potential to create 1.5 crore productive jobs, and can by itself contribute 11.5% of the new jobs that need to be created by 2030. Currently, the Construction sector accounts for ~12% of the total workforce in India. India’s Unfulfilled Demand for Construction There is a strong unfulfilled demand for construction […]