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Banmali Agrawala On India’s Electronics Manufacturing Opportunity | Ep 2 | FED Dialogues

India is stepping up its ambitions of gaining global market share in labour-intensive manufacturing. The success we have seen in electronics and smartphone assembly with the production-linked incentive or PLI scheme suggests that electronics manufacturing services (EMS) can be the perfect launchpad for achieving our goal of increasing the share of manufacturing from 13% to 25% […]

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India’s Dilemma – Building Up Manufacturing or Soaring with Services?

Paving pathways for India’s labour force According to the PLFS report for 2021-22, the Indian worker population ratio for ages 15 and above is only 52.9%[1]. This is much lower compared to other countries, such as China (80%) and Japan (70%), during periods of rapid economic growth[2]. Further, 26.8% of the labour force is employed […]

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Construction in India

Construction in India has the potential to create 1.5 crore productive jobs, and can by itself contribute 11.5% of the new jobs that need to be created by 2030. Currently, the Construction sector accounts for ~12% of the total workforce in India. India’s Unfulfilled Demand for Construction There is a strong unfulfilled demand for construction […]