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Gurcharan Das On ‘Selling’ Reforms; India Craving An Industrial Revolution | Ep 3 | FED Dialogues

It’s been over 30 years since India liberalised its economy. If it didn’t sink in then, it’s crystal clear today that 1991 was an epochal moment for modern India, the country we were and what we aspire to become. Our guest for this episode of FED Dialogues, acclaimed author and former Chief Executive of Procter & […]

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India’s Dilemma – Building Up Manufacturing or Soaring with Services?

Paving pathways for India’s labour force According to the PLFS report for 2021-22, the Indian worker population ratio for ages 15 and above is only 52.9%[1]. This is much lower compared to other countries, such as China (80%) and Japan (70%), during periods of rapid economic growth[2]. Further, 26.8% of the labour force is employed […]

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Bangladesh is putting Ease of Doing Business into Action

In summary Growth journey of India and Bangladesh Since the Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, India and Bangladesh have followed similar economic growth trajectories. Both countries grew at an average annual growth rate of about 4% till 2001 and since then have grown at 8-9% annually. This growth trajectory, however, masks key differences in the […]

Dr. Arvind Panagariya Shares His Expectations from the 2023 Budget

With the 2023 budget around the corner, former chair of the Niti Aayog, Dr Arvind Panagriya speaks with FED’s Operating Partner, Piyush Doshi, about his expectations from the last full budget before the general elections in 2024. He talks about the need for choosing capital expenditure over fiscal consolidation, diverting capital towards labour-intensive manufacturing industries […]

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The $100 Billion Opportunity in Textile & Apparel

The right reforms across a few clusters can help India capture $100 billion of incremental exports trade in textile and apparel over the next 5 years, creating more than 10 million jobs When India gained independence in 1947, the country had a flourishing textile industry. Over 400 textile mills employed more than 5 lakh workers. […]